Obion County

Obion County Map

This map is intended for general geographical understanding. It does not provide the specific locations of the farms in order to protect the owners’ privacy. Map Courtesy of Carole Swann, Tennessee Department of Agriculture.

Obion County was established in 1823 and the county seat is Union City. The county took its name from the Obion River and the word Obion is thought to be an Indian word meaning many forks. Throughout its history, the county has been a region of small farms and agriculture has played an important role in the county’s economy. For more information regarding Obion County, please go to the Tennessee Encyclopedia of History & Culture website.

Farm NameCountyDate FoundedSpecial Recognition
Lloyds' Shore Farm Obion 1869
McGaugh Farm Obion 1887
Millrock Hill Farm Obion 1846
Overall Farm Obion 1873
Pierce-Leitherland Farm Obion 1886
Roach Farm Obion 1859
Robert Holman Farm Obion 1871
Roberts Farm Obion 1838
Rodney Holman Farm Obion 1846
Stone Farm Obion 1876