Bledsoe County

Bledsoe County Map

This map is intended for general geographical understanding. It does not provide the specific locations of the farms in order to protect the owners’ privacy. Map Courtesy of Carole Swann, Tennessee Department of Agriculture.

Bledsoe County is the oldest and most northern county in the Sequatchie Valley and was established in 1807. The county was named for Anthony Bledsoe, a Revolutionary war patriot who migrated to Tennessee from Virginia in the late 1700s. Its county seat, Pikeville, is located on the state route from Knoxville to Huntsville, Alabama. By being strategically located, the town developed as a trade and supply center for farmers. The county also is the home of Fall Creeks Falls State Park that offers a wide variety of recreational opportunities for the public. For more information on Bledsoe County, please go to the Tennessee Encyclopedia of History & Culture website.

Total Records Found: 14, showing 10 per page
Farm NameCountyDate FoundedSpecial Recognition
Davis Farm Bledsoe 1905
Harwood Heritage Farms Bledsoe 1908
Joe and Virginia Johnson Farms Bledsoe 1850
Kelly Farm Bledsoe 1874
Little Farm Bledsoe 1910
Loyd's Angus Farm Bledsoe 1823
Maple Grove Farm Bledsoe 1832
McReynolds Farm Bledsoe 1863
Rains Farm Bledsoe 1905
Rolling Acres Bledsoe 1848