Blount County

Blount County Map

This map is intended for general geographical understanding. It does not provide the specific locations of the farms in order to protect the owners’ privacy. Map Courtesy of Carole Swann, Tennessee Department of Agriculture.

Blount County is one of the oldest counties in Tennessee and was established in 1795 before statehood and was named in honor of Territorial Governor William Blount. To the southeast of Maryville, its county seat, is a portion of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Blount County has also been a prominent place for companies and industries such as the Little River Lumber Company, the Schlosser Leather Company and the Aluminum Corporation of America. For more information on Blount County, please go to the Tennessee Encyclopedia of History & Culture website.

Total Records Found: 43, showing 10 per page
Farm NameCountyDate FoundedSpecial Recognition
Baldwin Farm Blount 1886
Best Farm Blount 1809
Bowman Farms Blount 1911
Brickey Farm Blount 1808
Burns-Helton Farm Blount 1852
Callahan Farm Blount 1820
Country Acres Farm Blount 1900
Cunningham Farm Blount 1830
Davis Farm Blount 1835
Davis Farm Blount 1867