Lawrence County

Lawrence County Map

This map is intended for general geographical understanding. It does not provide the specific locations of the farms in order to protect the owners’ privacy. Map Courtesy of Carole Swann, Tennessee Department of Agriculture.

Lawrence County was established in 1817 and its county seat is Lawrenceburg. The county has had some famous figures in its history such as David Crockett who served as one of the first commissioners and justices of the peace and James D. Vaughan, a publisher of gospel music. In addition, the county has had a history of immigration with many German Catholics coming to the area in the 1870s and the Amish settling in the county in the 1940s. For more information regarding Lawrence County, please go to the Tennessee Encyclopedia of History & Culture website.

Total Records Found: 12, showing 10 per page
Farm NameCountyDate FoundedSpecial Recognition
Alexander Springs Lawrence 1853
Beuerlein Farm Lawrence 1872
Brewer Farm Lawrence 1922
C. W. Gillespie Farms Lawrence 1919
Carrell Farm Lawrence 1874
Crews Farm Lawrence 1865
Frank Niedergeses Farm Lawrence 1871
Gamble Farm at Cotts Creek Lawrence 1918
Gang Farm Lawrence 1878
Marston Farm Lawrence 1883