Shelby County

Shelby County Map

This map is intended for general geographical understanding. It does not provide the specific locations of the farms in order to protect the owners’ privacy. Map Courtesy of Carole Swann, Tennessee Department of Agriculture.

Shelby County was established in 1819 and is named for Issac Shelby, who was a Revolutionary War veteran and former Governor of Kentucky. The county seat is Memphis, a city that was named by settlers who named many places Egyptian named in southern Illinois and West Tennessee between 1818 and 1820. For more information regarding Shelby County, please go to the Tennessee Encyclopedia of History & Culture website.

Total Records Found: 13, showing 10 per page
Farm NameCountyDate FoundedSpecial Recognition
Barret Farm Shelby 1850
Bragg Brothers Farm Shelby 1836 c.
Castles-McCalla Farm Shelby 1875
Flippin-Castles Farm Shelby 1903
Gaines (Humphreys') Flower Farm Shelby 1870
Glenn Farm Shelby 1870
Goldsby Farm Shelby 1830
Louise Reid Farm Shelby 1860
Maplecrest Farm Shelby 1846
Parr-Worley Farm Shelby 1892